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Almonds wholesaler, Almonds for export, Almonds & Nuts Dealer, Manufacturer, Supplier wholesale


Wholesale Almonds, we are manufacturer and wholesaler of the best fresh and organic Mamai Almond. We are the best Almonds Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter. Find the best Bulk Almonds price from us.

Iranian Pistachio wholesaler and supplier, Pistachio wholesaler, Pistachio for export, Pistachio & Nuts Dealer, Manufacturer, Supplier wholesale


We wholesale the best quality Iranian Pistachio. We manufacture and supply the best fresh and healthy pistachios from best farms and trees. We are the best Pistachio, Supplier and Bulk seller. Ask the Bulk price from us.

Iranian Hazelnuts wholesaler and supplier, Hazelnuts wholesaler, Hazelnuts for export, Hazelnuts & Nuts Dealer, Manufacturer, Supplier wholesale


We Supply the best fresh and dried, raw and kernel Iranian Hazelnut for global market. We manufacture and supply the healthiest Hazelnuts with the highest quality. Find the best price of bulk Hazelnuts from us.

Iranian Walnut Wholesaler and supplier, Persian Walnut Wholesale and supply, Bulk Walnut Sale and price


We manufacture and supply the best quality Persian Walnut with the best bulk price. We export fresh Iranian Walnut to all over the world. We are bulk Walnut manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier.

Iranian Peanuts Wholesaler and supplier, Persian Peanuts Wholesale and supply, Bulk Peanuts Sale and price


We are manufacture and Wholesaler of the best Iranian peanuts, also known as the groundnut, goober, pindar or monkey nut with the lowest bulk price. We supply fried and fresh peanuts for the global market.

Iranian Sunflower Seed Wholesaler and supplier, Sunflower Seed Wholesale and supply, Bulk Sunflower Seed Sale and price

Sunflower Seeds

Find the best Sunflower seeds with the best bulk and wholesale price here. We are the best manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of fresh and roasted, raw and kernel Sunflower seeds.

Red, black, Yellow, Green Raisins wholesaler and supplier


We wholesale the best quality, sweet delicious Raisins with the lowest price in bulk scale. We are organic Green, Red, Yellow and Black Raisins manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier from best farms for global market.

Dried Fig Wholesaler and supplier

Dried Fig

We wholesale fresh and dried organic Iranian Fig for Global market. We are the best organic dried fig provider manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and dealer. Feel free to ask the bulk fig price from us.

Pumpkin Seeds Wholesaler and supplier, Pumpkin Seeds Bulk price, Wholesale, supply, for Export

Pumpkin Seeds

We wholesale the best quality organic Pumpkin Seeds, Raw and roasted Pumpkin Seeds from best farms. We are Pumpkin Seeds manufacturer wholesaler, supplier and bulk distributor.

kaju & Cashews wholesaler and supplier


We are Wholesaler and supplier of the best quality Raw and Salted Cashews all around the world. We wholesale and supply Cashews With the best quality and cheapest price for bulk sale in the global market.

Iranian Pistachios wholesaler

Why Buy Nuts From Us?

We are the best Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruit manufacturer, Wholesaler and supplier with the best quality and the best price in the global market.

  • We have decades of experience in manufacturing, supplying and exporting bulk Nuts and Seeds.
  • We provide bulk nuts, seeds and dried fruit for wholesalers, suppliers, famous brands, shopping malls, and hypermarket chains all over the world.
  • We offer a wide variety of organic and healthy nuts, seeds and dried fruit with constant quality to our customers all year long.
  • We take well care our products in all stages of planting, growing, storing, harvesting, cleaning, packing to provide the highest quality.
  • We select the best nuts, seeds and dried fruit for our customers in our sorting lines.
  • We use advanced transportation equipment to maintain product quality until it reaches the market.