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Galbanum Wholesaler- Galbanum resin Galbanum essential oil raw Galbanum supplier


We wholesale the best quality Iranian Galbanum. We are the Natural and Organic Galbanum wholesaler and supplier, in types of Galbanum essential Oil, Galbanum Resin and Raw Galbanum. Ask Bulk price from us.

Asafetida plant wholesaler Ferula assa-foetida wholesale


We wholesale and supply the best raw Asafoetida, Asafoetida powder and Asafoetida resin.We are the best Asafoetida (Hing) wholesaler and supplier. Find the lowest bulk price from us with the best quality.

Fresh ginger wholesaler supplier, ginger Wholesale and supply


We manufacture and supply the best quality Ginger with the best bulk price. We export fresh Raw Ginger or Ginger powder in Bulk scale to all over the world. We are bulk Ginger manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier.

Iranian Saffron Wholesaler, Supplier, Manufacturer, Iranian Saffron supply, wholesale


Wholesale Saffron, we are manufacturer and wholesaler of the best organic Iranian Saffron. We are the best Bulk Saffron Supplier and Exporter to all around the word and global market. Call us for Saffron Bulk price.

Iranian caraway wholesaler supplier exporter

Cumin & Caraway

Wholesale Organic Iranian Caraway and Cumin. We are the largest manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier and exporter of high quality green and black cumin(caraway). Ask Bulk cumin and caraway price from us.

Damask rose wholesaler and supplier

Damask rose

We are Manufacture and Wholesaler of the best Iranian Damask rose. We wholesale Raw, fresh, Dried Damask rose and Damask rose oil from the best farms with the lowest bulk price for the global market.

Wholesale Medicinal plants-herbal medicines and herbs

Why Buy Herbs, Medicinal plants & Botanicals From Us?

We are the best Herbs, Medicinal plants & Botanicals Wholesaler and supplier with the best quality and the lowest price for the global market.

  • We have decades of experience in supplying and exporting bulk herbs, medicinal plants, botanicals and roots.
  • We get very rare medicinal plants from difficult and special areas.
  • We produce a variety of products in raw form, oil, resin, and gum in completely hygienic and standard conditions.
  • We provide bulk herbal medicines for wholesalers, suppliers, famous brands and pharmaceutical companies all over the world.
  • We offer a wide variety of organic and healthy and hand picked herbs with high quality to our customers.
  • We take well care our products in all stages of planting, growing, storing, harvesting, cleaning and packing to provide the highest quality.
  • We select the best herbs for our customers in our sorting lines.
  • We use advanced transportation equipment to maintain product quality until it reaches the market.